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Small 4 ¾” High “Westerwald” Salt Glazed Crock with Cobalt Blue Decoration either Brought to the U.S. by German Immigrants or Produced in Pennsylvania by German Immigrants, circa 1800. This Jar was Found in a New York City Tenement Apartment occupied by a German Family after the last of the family died approximately 40 years ago and the Building was being Torn Down. The Crock with its Wonderful Side Handles, Extensive Cobalt Decoration, and its quality condition represents a Classic Element of American Immigrant History. Moreover, it is in Excellent Original Condition, as the photographs indicate. Measurements: 5 ½” tall and 6 ½” wide at the top, 8” including the Handles, and 5 ¼” in diameter at the bottom.

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Price $325 plus shipping


Appealing Yellow-Cream Painted Firkin which displays Good Age and was found in New England, circa Late-1800s. It has Fingered Laps on a Staved Body with the Laps held by Small Brads and complete with Copper Staples. The Top is also Finger Lapped with the Lid held in Place with Small Nails. It has the Swing Handle typical of Early Firkins. The Paint is Original and was Covered with a Varnish at some point. The Finish also displays Age-Appropriate Craquelure. The Firkin is in Very Good Condition with Wear from Age. The discoloration from use on the inside suggests it may have been used for lard or a similar substance. Measurements: 10” in height, not including the handle; 9 ½” in diameter at the top and 10” in diameter at the bottom. A Nice Early Painted Firkin.

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Price $475 plus shipping


Raven’s Way is pleased to offer a Hard-to-Find Rye Basket made by German Immigrants in the 18th and 19th century, as they migrated to Pennsylvania and Virginia from their original homeland. Rye baskets were a common from of basket making in Europe and the tradition was carried on by immigrant communities in the U.S. Low, open baskets like this one are woven from long bundles of water-soaked rye rolled into coils and then held together with oak splits. Overall, the material and the construction made them highly durable. See Robert Shaw’s American Baskets for more information. This Rye Basket measures 12” in diameter across the top and 6’ across the bottom to form a Bowl Shape. It is in “as found” Original Condition with Dried Dirt on the Interior, suggesting its Use for Harvesting Vegetables. (Note that the Basket is slightly duller than the photographs.) From a New England Basket Collection.

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Price $165 plus shipping 


Antique Molded Glass Oil Lamp with a Pedestal Base, circa 1876. Oil Lamps, which come in many different styles and designs depending upon the era and the wealth of the owner, were mainstays in life before the advent of electricity. This Pedestal Lamp is representative of the movement from simple clear glass lamps with a single handle to the elaborate use of pattern and design as their use evolved. Yet, while this piece is elaborate in design, it still exhibits a couple of “air” bubbles in the making, suggesting that the process has yet to be perfected. In addition, an appealing aspect of this lamp that the brass lamp collar is Patented Dated “Mar. 21, 1876”. That patent date provides the owner with an approximate time frame for the making of this type of lamp, which also links it the U.S. Centennial period. The Lamp is 8” in height, adding the Brass Oil Burner makes it 9 ½”, and the total with the Chimney 16 ¼” (The Chimney is early but may not be original.)  The Oil Holder is 3” in height and 4” in diameter. The Hollow Pedestal is 4” in height and 4 ¼” in diameter at the base. There is no damage to the lamp and only wear to the burner from use. Another excellent piece for the country collector or a simple backup for when the electricity goes out.

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Price $95 plus shipping



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