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Small 5 ½” High “Westerwald” Salt Glazed Jar with Cobalt Blue Decoration either Brought to the U.S. by German Immigrants or Produced in Pennsylvania by German Immigrants, circa 1800. This Jar was Found in a New York City Tenement Apartment occupied by a German Family after the last of the family died approximately 20 years ago and the Building was being Torn Down. The Jar represents a Classic Element of American Immigrant History and is in Excellent Original Condition, as the photographs indicate. Measurements: 5 ½” tall and 5 ½” wide, including the Handles.

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Rare Impressionist Watercolor of “Mallards Over a Marsh” By Paul F. Berdanier (Frackville, PA, 1879 – Smithtown, NY, 1961). A Well Known American Etcher, Painter, & Illustrator.  Studied Under Charles Hope Provost in New York, Gustave Wolff, School of Fine Arts in St. Louis, & Albert Gihon in Paris.  Excellent Original Condition; Museum Quality Framing; Signed “Paul Berdanier”  circa 1930s.


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Raven’s Way is pleased to offer a Hard-to-Find Rye Basket made by German Immigrants in the 18th and 19th century, as they migrated to Pennsylvania and Virginia from their original homeland. Rye baskets were a common from of basket making in Europe and the tradition was carried on by immigrant communities in the U.S. Low, open baskets like this one are woven from long bundles of water-soaked rye rolled into coils and then held together with oak splits. Overall, the material and the construction made them highly durable. See Robert Shaw’s American Baskets for more information. This Rye Basket measures 12” in diameter across the top and 6’ across the bottom to form a Bowl Shape. It is in “as found” Original Condition with Dried Dirt on the Interior, suggesting its Use for Harvesting Vegetables. (Note that the Basket is slightly duller than the photographs.) From a New England Basket Collection.

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Early Hand Made Cutlery Tray with a Finely Elaborate Design, circa 1780 – 1820. This Tray comes from the Estate of an Antique Collector/Dealer in Southern New England. The reason he kept it in his collection is very clear. The Tray displays Hand Dove-Tailed Joints, an Inset Center Board, Canted Sides, a Very Elaborate Design, Square Nail Support for the Bottom Board, and an Original Surface. Also of interest with early pieces like this are the remnants of scribe marks indicating the specific use of early hand tools. The top of the tray measures 15 ¾” in length (the bottom 13”), the top is 8 ¼” in width (the bottom is 7”), and the center point 6 ¾” in height. Typical Aging and wear to the Finish and a Small Split to the Bottom Corner; otherwise Excellent. A Wonderful Antique Cutlery Tray.

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