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Very Appealing 19th Century Sailor made Scrimshaw on Whale Tooth, from a New England Estate, circa Mid- 1800s. This Tooth is especially interesting for its Folk Art Quality. A Sailor passing time on a whaling boat who may have been on the water for years at a time is not an artist, but he does exhibit an understanding of the activities of whaling. Undoubtedly having seen others actively creating scrimshaw, he recreates the sailing ship, the anchors used, the banners that were flown, and the cannons that were used. His work reflects the reality of his circumstance. The tooth is 6 ½” in size and 2 ¼” in width. One of the items which is appealing are the natural elements of the tooth on the backside. The front always has to be rubbed down for the work of the scrimshander. To create the stand, a cork has been placed on the inside of the tooth and the metal stand inset into the cork, which can be removed. The total height is 8” in height, including the stand. A Rare Piece reflecting New England Whaling History.

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Price $995 plus shipping


An 1826 New York State School Girl Sampler by Zorada Ransom (Jan. 27, 1814 – Dec. 15, 1903) completed when she was 13 years old living in Champlain, Clinton, New York. In 1842 she married George Dudley (June 16, 1807 – Feb. 2, 1860), Champlain, New York, who is listed as a Lumberman in the 1850 U.S. Census, with considerable assets for the time period. After George died, Zorada Dudley is listed as a Widow Keeping House in the 1880 U.S. Census, so George Dudley must have left Zorada enough money to survive until her death in 1903. Both individuals are buried in the Greenwood Cemetery in Champlain, New York. Within the border of the Sampler, there is an Undulating Vine Border with a House, Flower, Tree, and Square at each Corner. Within the Border are 3 Alphabets and Numbers, Her Age and Date for Completing the Sampler, and a Final Verse: “The End of Learning is to Know God and Love Him”. The Sampler is the Work of Silk on Linen in a Variety of Stitch Patterns. Measures: Sampler 12 ½” x 11 ¾”; with Frame 13 ¾” x 12 ¾”. Condition is Very Good with Minor Stains.

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Price $765 plus shipping

Neat Wire Egg Basket with 7 Vintage Wooden Eggs found in Pennsylvania, circa Early 1900s. Interestingly, a quick review of wire baskets on the Internet indicates that they are still being produced with handles as decorative items. This basket was apparently designed to sit on a kitchen counter without any need for handles to allow a batch of eggs to sit in the open air. The “eggs” are made from wood and have a rustic finish. Though not found with the basket by the original owner, they do make the decorative aspect of such baskets appealing. All were purchased together. The Bottom of the basket is 6” in diameter and the top is approximately 8” wide. The wiring process must have been quite tedious, but truly enhances the display. The eggs are approximately 2 ¼” in length and are egg-like in their look. A nice addition for a country kitchen.

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Price $95 plus shipping


Raven’s Way is pleased to offer “Northern Encounter”, an Original Oil-on-Canvas by the Wildlife Artist Jorge Mayol, circa 1994. Mayol was born in Argentina in 1948 and immediately became interested in his native wildlife. He has studied with important wildlife artists in his home country and has traveled around the world studying and painting wildlife. He eventually moved to the United States to study native wildlife and is currently living in California. For this Original, the Image Size is 18 ½” x 10 ½”; Framed Size is 26” x 18 ½”.

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Price $1100 plus shipping


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