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Nice Example of “Old Squaws” No. 2, a Dry Point by Frank W. Benson (1862 – 1951), circa 1918. “Old Squaws” No.2, a 5” x 10” Image, was done by Benson in 1918 in an Edition Size of 136. See John T. Ordeman’s Frank W. Benson: Master of the Sporting Print for both a view of the image and the information on Benson Etchings & Dry Points. This particular piece is from the Collection of Frank W. Benson by Descent through the Family. It is pencil Signed and has been framed in museum quality matting and Tru Vue Conservation Grade Clear Glass (99% UV Protection). The Overall Frame Size is 12 5/8” x 17”. Aside from some Minor Toning from Age (see the initial photo under large images), the Dry Point is in Excellent Original Condition. (Note that there are lighting flashes from the glass; they are not defects in the image.)

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Price $895 plus shipping


Early Dyed Splint Native American Gathering Basket, Late 19th – Early 20th Century. This single wrapped dyed splint and willow basket has a very unique carved handle which wraps completely around the center and is jointed at the bottom for significant durability. With the exception of natural aging, this Gathering Basket is in Excellent Original Condition and was undoubtedly made by one of the Woodland Tribes of the Northeast. It measures 14 ½” in length, 10” in width, and 10 ½” in height, including the handle. Terrific Example.

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An Oil-on-Canvas Original Painting of Mallards Landing in Flooded Timbers by Maynard Reece (b. 1920), Iowa, circa ? Reece identifies this 9 ¾” x 6 ½” Image as a “Sketch by Maynard Reece”, which suggests it was a study image for a larger painting typical of wildfowl works by Reece. A well know artist of waterfowl, Reece is uniquely the only five-time winner of the images for the Federal Duck Stamp. Moreover, Reece has offered a view of his waterfowl art work with his wonderfully written and illustrated book, The Waterfowl Art of Maynard Reece. The images of Mallards in that book frequently show Mallards landing in flooded timbers. As indicated this Original Painting displays an Image of 9 ¾” x 6 ½”; the Frame size is 15 ½” x 12 ¼”, which enhances of overall quality of the image.

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Price $1800 plus shipping


Wonderful Hand Dove-Tailed Gentleman’s Gunning Box with Assorted Loaded Supplies and the Original Key by an Unknown Maker/Gunner, circa Mid-Late 19th Century. I suspect that the Gunning Box May Have Been Made in Britain and Probably Purchased by a Gentleman Hunter in the United States. The Top Lid is Beveled, Has an Elaborate Brass Decoration for the Iron Handle and a Classic 19th Century Key. While the Box appears to be made from Pine, it has a Thick Reddish Varnish Finish. The insert in the Box to Hold Parts may have been added at a later date. It now contains 3 Brass Shells, 2 of which are Winchester and 1 Lowell, and 3 Reloading Tools. Also in the Box are a Tin with Early Lead Shot, an Early Remington Oil Can, an Edison Oil Can, and a Brass Bore Gauge. The Box measures 13” in width, 8” in depth, and 8” in height. Please Examine the Range of Photographs. This is a Very Unique Item that has been in my Collection for Well Over 20+ Years. Few are Found.

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Price $375  plus shipping  SALE PRICE $225

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