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Raven’s Way is pleased to offer an Exceptionally Fine Dove-Tailed, Inlaid Ornament Box from New England, circa 1850s or earlier. This Box was purchased from an Estate Sale of a Deceased Antique Dealer’s Collection that offered some Excellent Items. The Finely Dove-Tailed Box with an Inlaid Diamond Piece of Cherry Wood (?) on the Top is an Outstanding Example of a Specially Made Item with a Presentation Purpose. The Inlay and Dove-Tailed Elements are Precisely Evident in the Presentation; whereas, the “T” or “L” Head Nails for the Finish Work identify the approximate age of the work. The Key Hole is undoubtedly done in Boxwood, though there is no longer any key which must have been quite elegant. Measurements: 5 ½” in length, 4 ½” in width, and 3 ¾” in height. This Box is of Excellent Early Quality and the Photographs are provided to examine its Beauty.

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Price $325 plus shipping 


Early Turned Wooden Chopping Bowl from New England, circa Early 1800s. Early Woodenware of this nature is often referred to as “turner’s ware”, simply because these pieces were hand-turned on a lathe. If fact, a close examination of this bowl indicates the lines made from the turning lathe. As you look further into the bowl, you can see “chopping” marks from use of the bowl, and then, typically, at the bottom after extensive use, the turning lines and the chopping marks blend into a worn piece of wood. Invariably, the rims of these bowls are “out of round” both as a consequence of the turning process and age. This Chopping Bowl displays all of those characteristics. No cracks and no repairs; All Original. It measures 13” in diameter at the top, a somewhat oval 3”+ flat exterior bottom, and an approximate height of 4”. Chopping Bowl were a Basic Utilitarian Item of Early New England and a Classic Item of Collecting.

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Price $145 plus shipping


Early Dove-Tailed Gun Box with an Assortment of Gunning Tools, circa Mid-Late 1800s. This Gun Box was originally found in Maine with an Exterior covered in Mildew. That mildew was cleaned off without damaging the early age of the original exterior finish, which appears to be a very old red paint. The Basic Construction involves large dove-tails for joints and small nail supports. The Gunning items on the inside have not been touched from their “as found” condition. They include an early three-piece wooden cleaning rod, a shot gun shell reloading tool, an empty holder for shot gun shells, an early leather shot pouch with a later wooden cap, and a copper powder flask. The Box measures 15” in length, 9” in width, and 3 ¾” in height. This Early Gun Box is an Excellent Accent for an early Sporting or Decoy Collection.

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Price $245 plus shipping


Wonderfully Dove-Tailed Wall Box Made from Early Tiger Maple and Found in New England, Mid-1800s. This Wall Box is an Excellent Example of the work of a Fine Craftsman using the classic Hand Tools of the Period. The 4 Sides are Finely Dove-Tailed; particularly appealing are the early scribe lines from the marking gauges which measure the start of the dove-tail. The Center Board of the box is dowelled in place rather than nailed, leaving the sides clean. The Back Board displays a Simple Flowing Design with its Holding Hole. The Front Board is Slightly Canted, and the Bottom Edges are Accented with Bevel Molding. The Bottom Board is Held in Place with Early Wire Nails, typically used by cabinet makers of the Period. Measurements: 14” wide; 9 ½” back-to-front; 9 ½” back board. Original Untouched Natural Finish with Minimal Wear from Age and Use.

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Price $550 plus shipping


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