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Very Appealing Double Shelf Wall Box from the Mohawk Valley Region of New York State, circa Early 1800s. Clearly this Wall Box has been around for a while and is Hand Made. Note that both Cut Nails for the Smaller Boards and Square Nails for the Larger Boards are used with its construction. The Hanging Hole appears hand carved and displays long use. The Reddish Stain or Thin Paint appears to be Original, and the Drip Mark on the Lower Shelf suggests that it has not been refinished. Along with Typical Age Wear, the Small Break on the right side of the Top Shelf has been Glued and Held with a Small Nail at some point in its history. The Bottom Box measures 11 Ό” in width and 4” in depth; the Smaller Top Box measure 8” in width and 3 Ό” in depth; the Total Height is approximately 11 ½”. Form, Color, and Age make this an Excellent Wall Box for any Collector.

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Early Cutlery Tray with a Nicely Turned Handle on a Carved Center Board, circa Mid-1800s. The Canted Sides are especially interesting because of the joints created to slide and glue the sides together while attaching the bottom with cut iron nails. A later finish was probably added in the mid-20th century which was common with early antiques being “cleaned up”. Cutlery tray were in common use during the 18th and 19th century; they are used much less so today. Still, they are a nice addition to a kitchen or country collection. The wood is probably pine. The internal base for the utensils measures approximately 11” in length and 3” in width; the top measures 13 ½” in length and 9 “ in width; the box is 2 ½” in depth; the handle is approximately 4” height from the base of the tray, and the bottom extends slightly out from the sides as both an accent to the tray and a source of stability for the nailed bottom.

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Price $145 plus shipping


Nice 19th Century Hand Made Oak Splint Storage Basket with Notched Bow Handles and Alternating Blue Dyed Weavers, possibly Native American in Origin. A double rim with single wrapping was used at the top and the bottom splints were left open, so the basket could breathe. It may well have been used to hold dry herbs. Aside from Minor Age Wear and a Small Split to the Edge of one of the Bow Handles (not a full break), the Basket is in Excellent Condition. Measurements: 11” in length, 7 ½” in width, and 4 ½” in height (the handles come up another 1 Ό”).

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Early Desk Box (commonly referred to as Document Boxes) with Numerous Applied Moldings and Constructed with Mitre Joints and Cut Nails, Found in New England, circa 1800. The Highly Gained Wood is Unknow to us, though some of the Top Layers are Veneered. All Sides and the Two Top Molds, which are beveled, are of the Heavily Grained Wood, perhaps English? The Box measures 10” in width (the base molding is 10 3/8”), the sides are 6 ½”; the height to the first top mold is 4 ½” with the total height approximate 6 Ό”. Numerous photographs are offered for a clearer understanding of the box. The Condition is Very Good with Some Minor Loss of Veneer on the Top Edges and Some Minor Age Splits. The Piece was Originally found in New England and has been sitting in our stepback for the last 20 years.

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Price $145 plus shipping 

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