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Classic Hollow Carved Atlantic Brant by Llyod Parker (1859 – 1921), Oarkertown, New Jersey, circa 1890. From the Chris Sprague Rig and Repainted by Sprague (1887 – 1982), Beach Haven, New Jersey, in the Parker Style. There is a Small Tack under the Head of this Bird indicating that Sprague repainted it. There is an additional Brand “A. B. ….” that is not clearly readable. The Parker Brant displays his Classic Form with its Finely Shaped Head, its Hollow Body Style with the High Brant Rear, and the Inlaid Weight (over which someone added an additional weight for stability). Sprague did such a nice job with the Parker Style Repaint that it was once sold as an Original Paint Decoy. While the bird shows considerable wear from use (see photographs), it is a Prime Example of a 19th Century Barnegat Bay Brant and Waterfowling History.

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Hollow Carved Atlantic Brant Decoy by Frank T. Lamson (1866 – 1939), Mayette, New Jersey, circa 1920. Lamson was a Carpenter and a Boat Builder, along with being a fine decoy maker. This Brant displays all the Classic Elements of a Fine Coastal New Jersey Brant: it is Hollow Carved, has an Inlaid Weight, Fine Form of Head and Body, No Eyes, a Raised Back with a Strong Ice Groove and a Leather Tie Line. It has a Very Early Working Repaint with Considerable Crazing and Typical Gunning Wear. It measures 17 ½” in length, 6” in width, and 8” in height. The Photographs also provide a copy of a Photo of Lamson throwing out Black Duck decoys posted by Jimmy Allen on Facebook a few years back. A Fine Example of a Classic New Jersey Brant.

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Early Goldeneye Drake Decoy from the Doubleday Family, Quincy, Massachusetts, circa 1920. This Rugged Old Decoy came from an Estate on Hough’s Neck when a rig was found a few years back. The Decoy still displays Original Paint with an Appealing Patina; the Eyes are both Carved and Painted; and the Bill shows carved separation from the Head and Mandibles. The Decoy is Roughly Carved, though the Goldeneye Form is Strong. Rigged Back and Front, it displays Average Gunning Wear with Some Chips to the Edge of the Bill on One Side. Measurements: 14” in length, 6 ¼” in width, and 8” in height, excluding any stand. Overall, it is a Great Piece of Massachusetts Decoy History.


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Raven’s Way is proud to offer a Rare Pair of Ring-Necked Gunning Decoys fro the Rig of Marty Hanson, Prior Lake, Minnesota, circa 1991. These Decoys, from Marty’s Personal Rig, are in Mint Original Paint with Some Minor Gunning Wear and a Couple of Shot Marks. The Drake displays Strong Comb Painting on the Sides and Excellent Bill Carving. The Hen displays a Fine Subtle Feather Painting and Excellent Bill Carving. Both Decoys have Glass Eyes and Their Original Keels. The Bottom of Each is Stamped: “Martin Hanson Decoys / Prior Lake, Minnesota” in an Oval Form. Measurements: 13 ½” in length, 6” in width, and 8 ½” in height, including the Keel. A Great Pair of Hanson Gunning Decoys.

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