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Classic White-Winged Scoter Decoy by Augustus “Gus” A. Wilson (1864 – 1950), South Portland, Maine, circa 1910s – 1920s. Born in Tremont, Maine in 1864, the Census records suggest that Wilson lived in and around that area until 1900. The 1910 Census indicates he was then living in Southwest Harbor on Mount Desert Island and by 1920 was further down the coast in Portland, Maine. Wilson was also known to be a Lighthouse Keeper in various places along the Coast, including Portland as indicated in the 1920 Census. Wilson’s time as a Lighthouse Keeper undoubtedly gave him considerable time for carving decoys, a skill he learned early in life while still living in Tremont. This White-winged Scoter decoy which displays Excellent Original Paint would be typical of the Coastal decoys Wilson would carve for hunters working the extensive Atlantic waters of Maine. Wilson was also a make-do carver, using whatever wood was available, leading to this Short Block of Wood for a Scoter. Nevertheless, this Scoter displays Wilson’s attention to Detailed Bill Carving, accented with a Strong Paint Pattern, Carved Eyes, an Inletted Neck, a Notable Wing Design, and a Rasp Finish to the Form. The Decoy also saw its time in the water as a tool of the trade, and there are a few shot marks and even a remnant pellet still in the wood. This Scoter is a true Historic Artifact. Measurements: 16” in length, 7” in width, and 7 ½” in height. A Classic White-winged Scoter Decoy by Gus Wilson. (DX849) Click on Photo for larger images. Contact us for additional information.  Price $2800 plus shipping

Very Appealing Common Merganser Hen Decoy with a Slightly Turned Head by David Rhodes (1933 – 2019), Absecon, New Jersey, circa 1960s. In an article by Victoria Ford, Rhodes is referred to as “The Gentleman Carver” due to his pleasant disposition. She further points out that “Rhodes has been carving decoys and other wildlife for almost 70 years and was named Carver of the Year in 2004 by the New Jersey Decoy Collectors Association.” This Hen Merganser supports the quality of Rhodes’ work. A Decoy from his Hunting Rig, the Hen displays Excellent Merganser Form with Characteristic Bill Carving, Durable Crest Feathering, Nicely Raised Primaries, and an Extended Tail. Rhodes Carving is Further Enhanced by Strong Original Paint laid on in Rather Thick Strokes to give Greater Dimension the Back Feathers. The Decoy shows Minor In-Use Wear and retains its Original Rigging. The decoy is rather heavily weighted and is designed to sit low in the water. Rhodes “R” is Branded on the Bottom and is Signed “D. Rhodes”. Measurements: 16” in length, 5 ½” in width, and 5 ½” in height. A Fine Merganser Hen by David Rhodes. (DX852)  Click on Photo for larger images. Contact us for additional information. Price $325 plus shipping

Hollow Carved Sleeping Pintail Drake by Downeast Sportcraft Decoy Company, Freeport, Maine, circa 1946 – 1950. Apparently, the Downeast company grew out of a slow period in the construction business and ended rather quickly when that slowdown ended. Still, while the business lasted, the company created some fine decoys, mostly solid gunning birds but also some fine hollow decoys. The “Down East” Pintail offered here is a Hollow Carved Decoy in a Sleeping Pose with a Well-Designed Body Form, Textured Wood Finish, Small Glass Eyes, and Near Excellent Original Paint, Highlighting the Field Marks of the Pintail Drake. It displays Very Minor Wear with some original filler along the body seams. It measures 17” in length, 6” in width, and 6” in height. (For reference, see Ken Trayer’s North American Factory Decoys.) The Downeast Company may only have been in business for a short period of time, but they created some quality decoys the coastal hunter.

(DX841)   Click on Photo for larger images. Contact us for additional information. 


Well Carved Turned Head Old Squaw (Long-tailed Duck) Drake Decoy by Michael R. McCarthy, Mattapoisett, Massachusetts, circa 2000. McCarthy is a Full Time Decoy/Wildlife Carver who created a Limited Group of 25 Old Squaw in 2000, and identified each item on his Inlaid Weight. Weight Signature: “Michael R. McCarthy / Limited Edition Edition / ‘Old Squaw’ / #21 of 25 / 2000”. The Bottom is also Branded “M R McCarthy”. This Well Carved Decoy displays a Highly Detailed Bill, Cheeky Head with Glass Eyes, and the Classic Long-tailed Form. The Original Paint is Boldly Represented, emphasizing the Field Marks of Winter Plumage when seen on the Atlantic Coast in a Simple Flowing Design. To give the decoy a look of the wild, McCarthy has added a softly “aged” patina. Measurements: 15” in length, 5” in width, and 7” in height. Fully Rigged, the Decoy can be Used on the Water or, more often, Added to the Shelf. A Very Appealing Decoy.

(DX848)   Click on Photo for larger images. Contact us for additional information. 

Price $325 plus shipping

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