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Sleek Hollow Carved Red-breasted Merganser Decoy by an Unknown Maker believed to be Massachusetts in Origin, circa 1890 – 1900. Acquired from the Herman Goldthwaite Rig of Biddeford Pool, Maine, in 1940 and Held in Kennebunk, Maine, until the 1990s. The Decoy displays Very Dry Original Paint with Some Touch up to the Left Wing Patch and a Light Wash on the Breast, along with the Age Separation around the Body, a Deep Shot Mark under the Neck and Minor Wear from Use and Age. Measurements: 17 ½” in length, 6” in width, and 6 ½” in height.The Racy Form and the Early Age of this Merganser make it an Excellent Addition any Decoy Collection, especially to a New England Collection.

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Classic Hooded Merganser Drake Decoy by David “Davey” W. Nichol (1890 – 1977), Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada, circa Late 1960s. Much has been written about Davey Nichol and his decoys. A concise look at the family is included in Fleming’s Traditions in Wood, and a particularly interesting look at the tools used for feathering and texturing is included in Lunman’s David W. Nichol and the Decoys of the Rideau Canal Waterway. This Unrigged Hooded Merganser displays Wonderful Form with Detailed Bill Carving and Various Types of Feather Tail Carving, plus Excellent Original Paint representing a Fine Vision of the Bird itself. As is typical of his later decoys, this one is Marked: “Male Hooded Merganser / by / D.W. Nichol / Smiths Falls, Ont.”. Measurements: 13” in length, 5” in width, 5 ½” in height. A Fine Example of a Later Model Nichol’s Hooded Merganser.

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Early Hollow Carved Atlantic Brant by Jack Inman (Attributed), Bay Head, New Jersey, circa 1880 – 1890. This wonderful old Brant has a Nice Restored Paint Pattern over coats of Working Repaint. There is a Neck Crack which is Stable and Typical Gunning Wear. The Decoy has an External Weight on the Bottom, and Two Brands from the Head of the Bay: “D.C.V.” and a less clear “C.C.C.” (someone should be able to identify the correct brand) with the paint cleaned out. The Brant displays Terrific Coastal New Jersey Form and Serious Age. Measurements: 17” in length, 6” in width, and 8 ½” in height, no stand necessary. A Fine Old New Jersey Brant.

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Initial information is clearly incorrect: Early Brant Decoy by Lester Van Brunt (1874 – 1961), Barnegat, New Jersey, circa 1930s. Interestingly, there was also a Van Brunt (Benjamin Lester Van Brunt, 1888 – 1956) along the Jersey coast who was listed as a guide and frequently signed his name “B Lester Van Brunt” and often left out the “B”. See Ancestry.com. This Decoy was made by Joe Paul of Manahawkin, new Jersey, circa 1930s. The original information was based on the tag on the decoy; that information was clearly incorrect. Typical of an Early Coastal New Jersey Brant, this decoy is Hollow Carved, has the Remnants of a Working Repaint Gunning Wear, and an External Lead Weight. Measurements: 17 ½” in length, 5 ½” in width, and 7 ¾” in height. A Nice New Jersey Working Brant to Enhance any Collection. [NOTE: According to one New Jersey collector, Doug Lynch, this decoy apparently has more of the characteristics of Joseph H. Paul (1881 - 1951), Manahawkin, NJ. Paul and Van Brunt have a similar look, but there are subtle differences. With the information Doug has provided, this decoy was undoubtedly was made by Joe Paul.]

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