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Over-sized, Turned Head, Hollow Maine Eider Drake Decoy by an Unknown Maker from Coastal Maine, probably the Casco Bay Area, circa Early 1900s. This Eider was Hollowed out from the Bottom and then a Sheet of Tin was Carefully Tacked to the Bottom. Eventually, the Salt Water caused the Tin to decay from the front and rear of the bottom, rendering the decoy no longer seaworthy. The Nails appear to be quite early, many with square heads. Also of interest is the Wide Body (10 ½”) which has a Carved Upward Slant in the Front and Rear which would allow the decoy to Ride with the Wave Action. The Head is Dowelled into the Body at about a 45-degree Angle, rather than Inletted. It further displays an Appealing Old Working Repaint with Minor Wear. Measurements: 18” in length, 10 ½” in width, and 9” in height. A Very Cool Hollow, Turned Head, Eider Drake Decoy.

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Price $3200 plus shipping

Hollow Carved Common Loon Decoy by Reggie Birch, Chincoteague, Virginia, circa 2018. Birch is most noted is his work with “patina,” something that he gained from the study of old decoys, but he also has an incredible Sense of Form. This Loon provides an emphasis to Form: the Full Body of a Large Bird, the Mold of the Secondaries enhancing the Sides, the Raised Carved Primary Feathers followed by an Extended Carved Tail, the Slightly Turned Head and Detailed Bill Carving and Bold Glass Eyes, all distinguish the element of form. The Paint Pattern, Slightly Aged, is Quite Bold and Yet Detailed – the Nature of the Common Loon. Measurements: 28” in length, 9” in width, and 9” in height. It is Signed and Dated on the Bottom. A Splendid Example of the Common Loon Decoy.

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Price $675 plus shipping

Outstanding Black Duck Decoy by Jasper Dodge, J.N. Dodge Factory, Detroit, Michigan, circa Middle Period 1880s. A great deal of important information on Petersen, Dodge, and Mason can be found in the Sharpe and Dodge book, Detroit Decoy Dynasty. A photographic example of a similar Dodge Black Duck can be found on pg. 160 and the detail of characteristics for this Middle Period design is found on pg. 325. This Decoy displays Excellent Original Paint and Condition, even the neck filler has not been replaced. It displays the Mandible Bill Cut, circa 1885 – 1886; Black Glass – Shoe Button – Eyes; the Pointed Tail of the Period; and Fine Feather Painting. It also retails its Original Rigging and came from a hunting rig on Long Island. It Measures 16” in length, 5 Ό” in width, and 7” in height. Please note that there is a tight line in the bill, see large image #7. It shows some very minor wear from use, but Remains an Excellent Example of a Jasper Dodge Black Duck Decoy.

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New Price $1800 plus shipping


Raven’s Way is always pleased of offer another Unique Carving by Cameron McIntyre, this time A Standing Folk Art Crow Decoy Totally Carved from One Piece of Wood by Cameron McIntyre, New Church, Virginia, circa 2013. Working with Old Cedar and Oil Paints, Cameron strives to Represent Decoys in a Traditional Fashion. He works exclusively with Traditional Hand Tools to create a Sculptural Form, Color, and Patina with the Look and Feel of a 100 Year Old Carving in a Modern Work of Art. Note Some of the Important Characteristics of this Crow: a Boldly Standing Raised Head Look with Subtle Eye and Bill Craving; Strongly Delineated Raised Wing Carving with Primaries extended over Wide Tail Carving; Wooden Thigh Carving Attached to Iron Legs; and a Wonderful Aged Finish which Enhances the Wonderful Look of the Wood Grain. Finally, Cameron places this Crow on an Old Post Stand with the Remnants of Barbed Wire. Signed “CTM” on the Bottom of the Crow. The Crow Measures 18” in Length, 5 ½” in Width, and 15 ½”+ in Height, including the Stand. This is Simply a Spectacular Work of Folk Art by One of the Most Creative Sculptors Working with Wood and Paint. 

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New Price $1800 plus shipping


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