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A Hollow Carved Black Duck Decoy by the Famed William Harnden Foster (1886 – 1941), Andover, Massachusetts / South Freeport, Maine, circa 1920s +. Foster is known widely for his paintings and illustrations from the “Golden Age” of Illustration. Foster studied with Howard Pyle and was friends with N.C. Wyeth. As was once said, “Nothing, tough, topped his love for hunting, fishing, guns and dogs.” While among sportsmen, he may be most well-know for his publication, New England Grouse Shooting, which he both wrote and illustrated, he was also an avid waterfowler. He built his summer camp in South Freeport in 1908, became friends with L.L. Bean, and illustrated the cover of Bean’s first catalog. Amidst all this, Foster was a decoy carver of considerable skill, making at least 4 duck species of coastal Maine. This Black Duck Decoy represents the Quality of Foster’s work. The Decoy is Hollow Carved, displays Full-Body Carving with pronounced Wing Patterns, Incised Secondaries, Raised Split Tail Primaries, and Incised Tail Feathers. The Head is Dowelled into the Body and can be Placed in Various Positions, or removed. Foster uses Painted Tack Eyes, Bill Separation, and Mandible and Nostril Carving. The Paint is a Worn Original, one speculum shows loss of coloration, with Subtle Coloration enhanced by lightening. Measurements: 17” in length, 7 ¼” in width, and 7” in height, no stand included. A Wonderful New England Black Duck Decoy. (DX784)   Click on Photo for larger images. Contact us for additional information.                        Price $1950 plus shipping  

Nice Bluebill Hen Decoy by Reggie Bloom (1916 – 2005), Kingston, Ontario, Canada, circa Third Quarter 20th Century. Classic Reg Bloom Form who learned to carve from Davey Nichol. The Decoy displays Excellent Original Paint with Minor Gunning Wear, Detailed Bill Carving, Glass Eyes, Extensive Scratch Painting, Raised Primaries with Carved Feathering, Stamped Secondaries leading to Straight Line Tail Carving. Rigging on the Bottom indicates the Decoy had a swing weight at some point. Minor Shot Marks and Gunning Wear; Two Small Points of Touch Up to Flakes. Measures: 14” in length, 6” in width, and 6 ½” in height. A Nice Kingston, Ontario, Decoy by Reg Bloom.

(DX836)  Click on Photo for larger images. Contact us for additional information.

Price $315 plus shipping


Wonderful Pair of Buffleheads by Rick Brown, Brick, New Jersey, circa 1998. Frederick C. Brown, Jr. is a well-known name in the Mid-Atlantic Decoy Carver/Collectors World. Brown has been carving for nearly 40 years and was the founder of Barnegat Bay Decoys on the site of Point Pleasant Wildfowler Decoy. Today, Rick primarily carves in the Delaware River Tradition and these Little Buffleheads display the Quality of his work. His attention to detail is obvious both in his Hollow Body, Raised Wing, Fluted Tail Carving; and his Meticulous Paint Brush, which elaborates on the Classic Field Marks of the Species and the Warm Feathering especially notable in the Hen. Measuring approximately 10” in length, 4” in width, and 5” in height, these Little Gems are in Fine Original Condition, Fully Rigged, and Signed by the Maker.

(DX843)  Click on Photo for larger images. Contact us for additional information.  


Early Canvasback Drake Decoy by Paul Gibson (1902 – 1985), Havre de Grace, Maryland, circa 1940s. Gibson was a well-known carver from the Havre de Grace School of carving and this decoy came out of a Bushwhack Rig used on the Susquehanna Flats. Jimmy Fry (did some decoy shows with Jimmy in the Late 1980s – Early 1990s) was one of Gibson’s students and his decoys reflected that history. (See Hagan’s Upper Chesapeake Bay Decoys and Their Makers.) This particular decoy displays a Classic Gibson Form, a Strong Original Paint by Gibson and the Typical Gunning Wear, down to the Wood in some places, and Bumps to the Body and Lines to the Neck that these decoys experienced from use on the Flats. A Classic Example of a Susquehanna Flats Decoy by Paul Gibson. Measurements: 15 ½” in total length, 6 ¼” in width, and 7 ½” in height. Specific measurements consistent with McKinney’s work. No Stand Included. Classic Gibson.

(DX777)  Click on Photo for larger images. Contact us for additional information.

Price $450 plus shipping


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