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An Exceptionally Bold Common Eider Drake Decoy attributed to Charles F. Jacobs, Grand Manan, New Brunswick, Canada, circa 1st to 2nd Quarter of the 20th Century. When William Mackey published American Bird Decoys in 1965, he featured a similar decoy on pg. 91 which he attributed to “the northernmost coast of Maine, or more rarely Nova Scotia”. When Dale & Gary Guyette published Decoys of Maritime Canada in 1983, they identified a similar pair “possibly from the Grand Manan Island group, signed C.F. Jacobs on the bottom”. Interestingly, Grand Manan, while part of Canada, is across the water from Lubec, Maine, in the northernmost part of Maine. So Guyette’s find is clearly Canadian, and Mackey was definitely in the right area.

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This Eider, in a Working Repaint following the Original Pattern, displays classic characteristics of early Canadian decoys with its Bold Eider Head placed on a Raised Neck seat, a Solid Wood Body with Distinct Form 10” wide and reaching 19” from the Breast to the Tip of the Tail, the latter of which extends 3 ½” from the body and rises slightly. The Maker clearly knew Eiders and the Head Form matches the Look of the Birds on the Water and has Both Early Tack Eyes and a Paint Pattern of the Common Eider. This Exceptionally Bold Decoy shows both Age and Use, with a Somewhat Worn Early Working Repaint, a Number of Shot Marks, and a Few Drying Cracks in the Body, one of which is re-nailed from the bottom. The Bottom shows Remnant Rigging and a Drilled Area where Weight was probably attached. A Wonderful Gunning Eider from Northern Maine Coast / Grand Manan Island.

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Very Appealing Canvasback Drake Decoy from the Upper Mid-West, probably Michigan, circa 1940s -1950s. The Decoy displays Fine Form, especially in the Head Carving (see large images) and has Paint Eyes. The Paint, which is totally Original, has a Primer Coat of Gray, so that once the Canvasback Paint Pattern is applied the White Areas take on a Mellower, no shine, Effect to enhance the Decoy’s Realism on the Water, rather than a brighter white. In addition, Blending the Red and Black on the Head again enhances the Realism of the Decoy. Remnants of the rigging suggest the decoy was rigged fore and aft, perhaps as part of a line rig. The decoy measures 17” in length, 7” in width, and 7” in height. A nice Canvasback Decoy from Michigan.

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Beautifully Formed Crow Decoy by Stan Vath, Olivenhain, California. The Simplicity of Vath’s Full-Bodied Crow Form allows his Distinct Accents – the Bill & Nostril Carving, the Indented Eye Groove with Forward Placed Eyes, the Rise of the Back & the Thigh Extension Below, the Elongated Tail with the Raised Primary Carving – to create an Easily Identifiable Decoy Species. Nothing more is necessary except the Paint, a True Black. In Excellent Original Condition, the Decoy is Signed on the Bottom: “Stan Vath” & Branded with an S imbedded in a V. The Crow is 17” in length, 4+” in width, and 12” in height, including the stand. A Bold Decoy for the Crow Collector.

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