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Canvasback Drake Decoy by Jim Currier (1886 – 1969), Havre de Grace, Maryland, circa 1930s. All Currier’s Decoys were Hand Chopped, completely Made by Hand, and Mostly Canvasbacks. His Bills were also well Formed and the Tail upswept in the Havre de Grace Form. See McKinney’s Decoys of the Susquehanna Flats and Their Makers. This decoy reflects a Strong Working Repaint and is a Classic Example of Currier’s work. Measurements: 15 ½” in length (bill to tail), 5 ½” in width, 9” in height, including the stand.

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Price $400 plus shipping


Rare Pair of Pintails by the Oliveros Manufacturing Company (1941 – 1950s), Houston, Texas, circa post-WWII. Oliveros (name is spelled Oliveras in Armstrong discussion) was originally in business with Charles Armstrong with Armstrong Feather Decoys, but Constant Oliveros sold out to Armstrong and started his own company in 1941, making similar decoys of  “kapok and cork filled  canvas” decoys. (See Ken Trayer’s North American Factory Decoys.) There are subtle differences in both the sewing and the rigging between these two factories and the details of the rigging is especially obvious with these decoys. According to Trayer, these Oliveros decoys were sold as “Duc-Em Zepher Decoys” starting in 1941, and only Mallard, Geese, and Pintails were sold. The Pintails were the least common. This Pair of Pintails reflect Excellent Original Paint and are in Very Good Condition. Measurements: 15” in length, 5 ¼” in width, and 6” in height (the Hen is slightly smaller than the Drake). An Excellent Pair for a Factory Collector.

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Early Hand Chopped Redhead Drake Decoy by Robert F. “Bob” McGaw (1879 – 1958), Havre de Grace, Maryland, circa 1920s. This Redhead Drake is a Good Working Example of an Early McGaw Decoy. There is an extensive discussion of McGaw’s decoys in McKinney’s Decoys of the Susquehanna Flats and Their Makers, including the primary differences between the Early Hand Chopped decoys and his later Machine Turned decoys. The Decoy displays an Early Working Repaint with perhaps some Original showing through and the Typical Gunning Wear of an Early Decoy. The Measurements are fairly consistent with McKinney’s analysis, though this bird has a 12” body length. The Weight appears to be original to the decoy; whereas, the leather tie line, probably worn out, was replaced by a later ring which became standard on Upper Bay birds. Originally purchased from Jeff Pelayo years ago. Classic Early McGaw Redhead.

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A Terrific Lee Dudley Style Full-Sized Ruddy Duck Decoy by Reggie Birch, Chincoteague, Virginia, circa 2012. Lee Dudley was a 19th century carver from Knotts Island, North Carolina, whose decoys are both historical artifacts and amazing pieces of folk art. In 2008, Guyette & Deeter sold an original Dudley Ruddy Duck for $269,000. This Reggie Birch Ruddy Duck displays not only the incredible Dudley Form but also an “aged” patina that gives the decoy the look and feel of a 19th century decoy. One of the things for which Birch is most noted is his work with “patina,” something that he gained from the study of old decoys, but he also has a “feel” for the folk art element of many historic decoys and incorporates that element into his work. The Bottom and the Rigging also suggest the “age” of an Early Working Decoy, but Reggie is always careful to incise his signature “R. Birch” into the bottom to assure the buyer of the decoy’s true origin. Many collectors are simply happy to own a Reggie Birch for the Quality of his Folk Art. The Ruddy measures 11 ½” in length, 5 ½” in width, and 8” in height, including the stand. A Terrific Dudley Style Ruddy.

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