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Classic Canvasback Drake Decoy by Will Heverin (1860 – 1961), Charlestown, Cecil County, Maryland, circa 1890 - 1900. This Old Work Horse is in the Classic Heverin Can Form; the Measurements Fit Well with McKenney’s Decoys of the Susquehanna Flats and Their Makers; the Bill Carving displays the Enhanced Corner and a Decent Hump in the Rear; the Sand Cast Weight Appears Original to the Decoy; the Paint is a Working Repaint; and the Bird is Branded “LP” for the Lou Pennock Rig. A Fine Example of an Early Heverin Canvasback.

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Nice Bluebill Drake by Paul Lipke, Whiting, Indiana, circa 1940s. Exactly who Paul Lipke was or where he lived is still an open question, but he clearly made excellent decoys. This Drake displays a Hollow Carved Body, a Wide Bill (sometimes called a Broad Bill rather than Bluebill), a Full-bodies Form, Glass Eyes, and Strong Original Paint. The Decoy remains in Very Good Condition with Typical Gunning Wear. There is a Repair to the Bill with Tiny Nails (see photographs) leaving the Original Paint Untouched, and there is a small flake on one side, leaving only the primer showing. Measurements: 14” in length, 5 ½”+ in width, and approximate 6 ½” in height, excluding the original weight. This Classic Lipke Form is a Prime Example of American Folk Art.

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Early Redhead Drake Decoy by Capt. Ben Dye (1827 – 1896), Perryville, Cecil County, Maryland, circa 1870s – 1880s. Please note that the birth date comes from McKinney’s Decoys of the Susquehanna Flats and Their Makers; Jeff Pelayo in his article “The Dye Family of the Upper Chesapeake Bay”, Decoy Mag. Sept./Oct, 2010 indicates the birth as 1832; both note Dye was born in New Jersey and later moved to Perryville. Pelayo, interestingly, also notes that Dye may have learned some of his decoy carving skills from John Graham. In any event, this Dye Redhead displays some of the obvious characteristics of Hand Chopped Decoys, plus Draw Knife and Rasp Finishing. The decoy has recently been x-rayed and it would appear that the Head was loose, taken off and Reset (please examine the image of the x-ray in the large images); the Numerous Little Nails are from the repair to a chip of wood in the neck; the Weight is Original to the Decoy. The Form is Excellent and there are Many Coats of Working Repaint. The Body measurements correspond almost exactly with those in McKinney’s book. Please examine the large images for condition. A Terrific Little Redhead Decoy.

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A Pair of Intriguing Folk Art Red-throated Loons by Bob Biddle, a Well-Known Pennsylvania Decoy Carver, 2010 -2012. The inspirational source for these Loons came from the Decoy Collection of the Shelbourne Museum in Vermont. Years ago, the Museum used to put out an annual calendar of decoys in their collection. At one point, they pictured Loons of this type as made by the Indians in Nova Scotia at some very early period. Biddle, much later, looked at the calendar and decided to give these early loons a new life by creating his vision of these birds. The Paint Pattern surely reflects an Early Indian Symbolic Vision of a Red-throated Loon and Biddle has brought this Vision back to life. If they had not been identified by the Museum as Nova Scotia in Origin, I would have suggested that they had been highly influenced by the Totemic Work of Pacific Coast Native Americans. Nonetheless, Biddle has breathed life into an Earlier Vision of the Decoy. The Paint is All Original and Slightly “Aged” to reflect the past. They measure between 19” & 21” in length, 6” in width, and 10 ½” in height. Each is Signed on the Bottom: “Bob Biddle”. If you are looking for some Intriguing Folk Art to Display in you home, these Loons are the answer.

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