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Incredible 9 ½” Open Mouth Perch Ice Spear Fishing Decoy by Floyd Joseph “Red” Bruce (1934 – 2013), Gaylord, Michigan, circa 1982/3.” Floyd Bruce has quite a history both as a designer of specialty tools in the automotive industry and as a fish decoy carver. For an extensive discussion of Bruce, see Gary Miller’s article in “Decoypedia”, 2005, on the Internet. Most of Bruce’s later fish decoys were carved from white cedar, painted with water-based paints, and finished with a coat of varnish to waterproof them. Bruce obviously put considerable effect into his decoys. The Details of the Open Mouth, Gill Carving, Glass Eyes, and a Very Elaborate Wood Carved Tail are further enhanced by the Use of Metal and Copper Fins, and a Highly Realistic Paint Pattern. While Bruce’s Method for identifying his decoys changed over time, in this case the Perch is Signed “F. Joseph Bruce”, Branded “FB”, Dated “82/3” (date somewhat unclear), and Marked with “XXX”, the Xs meaning according to Gary Miller, “Tested & Guaranteed”. The Fish best represents itself in the photographs. No Stand is Included. This Perch Spearing Decoy in Total Original Condition is a Prime Example of a Michigan Spearing Decoy.

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Sleek 6” “Herring” Ice Spear Fishing Decoy by an Unknown Michigan Maker, circa 1930s – 1940s. This super Fish Decoy has a wood Tail with a Slight Turn and a Carved Mouth, Very Early Tin Fins, an Eye Screw Tie Line, and an Original White Paint Pattern with Red Accents. This Fish displays Age from Use and is an Excellent Example of a Simple but Early Fish Decoy. Please note that no stand is included. This fish has been in our collection since 1995 purchase from a Michigan Collector.

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Splendid 7 ½” Bass Ice Spear Fishing Decoy with Jig Stick by John V. Snow (1932 – 2010), Luc du Flambeau – Ojibwe -, Wisconsin, circa 1999. Native American fish decoys as represented by John Snow are considered to be a part of an historical functional Ojibwe sculpture. This Bass done in a Nature Wood Finish was made for use in lighter waters; whereas, his more colorful decoys were designed for use in darker waters. We had Art Kimball obtain this fish from Snow in the late 1990s for our collection. It is in Excellent Original Condition; Signed “John V. Snow: on one side below the fins and “Wahzhashk” (his Native American name) on the other. The Jig Stick is approximately 12” in length. No stand included. An Outstanding Native American Fish Decoy.

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Hard-to-Find 8 ½” “Trout” Ice Spear Fishing Decoy by Arnold “Hook” Peterson (1906 – 1993), Jennings, Michigan, circa 1940s. This Classic Form “Hook” Peterson Fish is interesting from a variety of perspectives. At the age of 21 he lost one arm in an accident and yet carved fish decoys, duck decoys, and other items from the 1930s to the 1970s. In addition, his fish decoys have such appeal that one is held in the collection of the Smithsonian Museum. Moreover, for a gentleman with one arm, he put a consider amount of detail into his fish carvings, including open mouths, very pronounced eye carving, gill carving, and a curved wood tail with external fin carving. There is a photo of Peterson in Kimballs’ The Fish Decoy, Vol. III. This “Trout” or “Pike” Form displays all these carving elements, plus Strong Original Paint and Peterson “AP” Mark in the Front Weight. No Stand Included. A Wonderful Early Michigan Fish Decoy.

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