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Rare Black-bellied Plover Shorebird Decoy by Irving White, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, circa 1900. This Wonderful Plover is from the Hal Evans Collection. Evans purchased the decoy in 1962, and it became a part of our collection in the late 1990s. It was used at Race Point in Provincetown, Mass., and at Duxbury Beach, Mass. The Decoy displays some classic traits of Massachusetts Shorebird Decoys, a Full-bodied, Straight Ahead, Upward Stance; Short Bill; Typical Tack Eyes; and Simple Split-Tail Carving. Especially appealing is the Excellent Original Paint, which additionally presents an interesting question of Species. An initial look indicates a Black-bellied Plover; whereas, an examination of the Paint Pattern on the Back, and intermix of black, white, and golden-tan stippling, suggests a Golden Plover. The Black-belly is most common, but Golden Plovers were an integral part of early Plover hunting in Massachusetts. Perhaps White felt that his rig of Black-bellied Plovers might also lure in the Golden. An interesting thought. Whatever the case, the Decoy displays Excellent Original Paint. Measurements: 9 ½” in length, 2 ½” in width, and 12 ¼” in height, including the stand. An Outstanding Massachusetts Shorebird Decoy.

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Price $3250 plus shipping

Classic Black-bellied Plover Shorebird Decoy in Transitional (Winter) Plumage by Samuel Shute, Cape May Court House, New Jersey, circa 1870s – 1890s. There were at least two rigs of shorebirds attributed to the Shute family and there are rig mates shown on pg. 183 of Jim Doherty’s Classic New Jersey Decoys. This Shorebird Decoy displays a Distinct Plover Head, Raised Wing Carving and Strong Original Paint. The Bill is Original and is Dowelled to the Back of the Head. The Paint accents the Wing carving and the Body was apparently Finished with a Rasp. Condition is Very Good with Some Minor Wear from Use and Age. The Stick Hole is rather large and a small cork has been inserted to hold the metal stand. Measurements: 10” in length, 2 ¼” in width, and 11 ½” in height, including the stand. An Early Black-bellied Plover Shorebird Decoy from the New Jersey Coast.

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Price $1350 plus shipping


Feeding Black-bellied Plover Shorebird Decoy in the Verity Style of Seaford, Long Island, Carved and Painted by Brian Piccirillo, Stratford, CT, & Miami, Florida. Many contemporary carvers attempt to recreate the Verity Style of shorebird decoys, though only rarely is that attempt successful. In this case, Piccirillo accomplishes the task. This Feeding Plover represents the best of Verity Forms, Full-bodied with Accurately Carved Eyes, Raised Wings, and Wing Tips. Piccirillo also offers an Elaborate Painting of the Decoy, Working the Brush to Create a Highly Detailed Feather Pattern only a Verity collector would appreciate. Then the Paint is Carefully “Aged” to reflect the 1800s period which was the inspiration of the decoy’s creation. Added for the Antique Shorebird Collector are 2 stick holes for changing the display of the decoy, as one may in the field. Measurements: 9” in length, 3” in width, and 12 ½” in height, including the Original Stand with the carved “BP” on the bottom.

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Price $595 plus shipping



Early Golden Plover Shorebird Decoy from the South Shore of Massachusetts, circa 1910. This is a Classic Turn-of-the-Century shorebird decoy carved from a 2” thick piece of lumber and carefully crafted to represent a Plover on the Flats. The Rounded Head, Pronounced Breast, and Split Tail Form all reflect the basic elements of Massachusetts decoys.  In addition, the larger Tack Eyes display the further use of commercial materials of the early 20th century. Especially important is the Original Paint which provides the Field Marks of a Winter Plover, Carefully Detailed by the maker. The Condition exhibits the Use of this Plover Decoy in the Field: the paint is Evenly Worn, there are a few Minor Shot Marks, the Tack Eyes have rusted and their expansion has caused Splits to the Head, and the Bill has been Replaced with a small nail securing the dowel. The Decoy has become an Artifact of the Shorebird Hunting Era. It measures 10 ½” in length, 2” in width, and 12” in height, including the metal stand. A Nice Example of Massachusetts Shorebird Decoys.

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Price $985 plus shipping

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