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Hollow Carved Greater Yellowlegs Shorebird Decoy with “Lincoln-Type” attributions, Massachusetts, circa Pre-1900. This Old “War Horse” is clearly an historical artifact. It is Hollow Carved and Vertically Attached; it has Original Glass Shoe Button Eyes, Raised Wing Carving and Finely Carved Wing Tips (see photos). It displays a Very Early Working Repaint with Considerable Aging, In-Use Wear, and a Few Shot Marks. At least five decoys from two rigs of these shorebird decoys are documented. One pair of these shorebirds in Original Condition appear in Delph’s New England Decoys (see photos) and a group of three similarly carved with slightly different paint and Baleen Bills in Vinal’s Joseph W. Lincoln. All of these decoys are Massachusetts in Origin and made by a Highly Skilled Carver. Taking into account shorebirds that were definitely made by Lincoln, we are doubtful that this decoy or those documented were made by him. Yet, this Old Hollow Carved Yellowlegs clearly has a story to tell. Measurements: 11 1?2” in length, 2 ½” in width, and 13 ½” in height, including the stand. A Highly Appealing Yellowlegs Shorebird Decoy.

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Price $950 plus shipping

Bold Hollow Carved Curlew Shorebird Decoy by David Ward (1947 – 2020), an Outstanding Essex, Connecticut, Carver, circa Early 2000s. Ward is known for his endeavor to create a wide range of quality decoys, his exceptional furniture making skills, and his work as an Impressionist Painter. This Turned Head Curlew reflects Ward’s considerable knowledge and attention to detail gained as a Bird Watcher. The decoy displays Excellent Form as the Curlew stands Boldly with its Head Up and Slightly Turned, the Body Informed by Relief Wing and Primary Carving and culminating in a Classic Split Tail Style. The Paint Pattern reflects the Former Name of Hudsonian Curlew, now Whimbrel, with the Strong Streak of White above the Dark Line of the Eye. The Heavily Muddled Paint work, indicative of an Impressionist, presents the Darker Browns above contrasting with the Lighter Tans below. Branded “DBW” on the Bottom. It measures 15” in length, 3 ½” in width, and 15” in height, including the stand. A True Work of Art from the Decoy World.

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Price $1350 plus shipping

Wonderful Early Peep – Sandpiper -- Shorebird Decoy by an Unknown Maker from Newburyport, Massachusetts, circa 1875. This Peep was apparently used quite frequently in hunting around the Newburyport area, especially the Plum Island beaches. The Decoy displays considerable Gunning Wear with Shot Holes and Shot Scrapes to the Body. Yet the decoy remains in Excellent Original Paint, has Shoe Button Eyes, and Apparently the Original Bill. There is Some Head Carving down to the Bill to Enhance the Form early in the Decoy’s life, and the Under Side indicates the Bird had an Eye Screw for Carrying at some point. Measurements: 6 ½” in length, 1 ¾” in width, and 9” in height, including the Stand. The Form of the Body and the Excellent Paint Pattern combined with the Age and Use of this Decoy make this an Incredible find.

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Price $2300 plus shipping


Yellowlegs Shorebird Decoy by Harry Vinuckson Shourds (1861 – 1920), Tuckerton, New Jersey, circa 1890s. This Classic Style of Shourds’ Yellowlegs is identified in James Doherty’s Classic New Jersey Decoys, pg. 66 (notice that the body width is equivalent to his early shorebirds, plate 176). This Shorebird Decoy displays Excellent Original Paint in a Typical Shourds Color Pattern (dark blended feather colors on the back and dusty white on face and lower body with detailed feathering on the breast). The Decoy shows Minor Gunning Wear and Paint Rubs. The Eyes are Painted and the Bill is an Early Replacement. The Decoy measures 10 ½” in length, 2 ½” in width, and 11” in height, including the stand. Former Collection of Joe French. A Fine Yellowlegs Shorebird Decoy by Harry V. Shourds.

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Price $$3200 plus shipping



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