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Early Golden Plover Shorebird Decoy Strongly Attributed to Joseph Whiting Lincoln (1859 – 1938), Accord, Massachusetts, circa Late 1800s – Early 1900s. We attribute this Plover to Joe Lincoln, which was found in Hingham, Mass., for a variety of reasons: 1) it is very similar to a group of Lincolns we purchased from an early Rhode Island estate in the 1990s; 2) the Form is Quite Similar to the Early Yellowlegs Shorebirds that Lincoln carved; 3) it is Similar in Form to the Golden Plover on the bottom of pg. 66 in Cap Vinal’s book on Joe Lincoln; and 4) it was matched with the characteristics of a Higher Quality Lincoln Plover sold in a major decoy auction. The Golden Plover offered here displays Original Dry Paint, Painted Tack Eyes, a Wood Bill, a Dowell in the Head, and Split Tail Carving (typical Lincoln characteristics and identified characteristics in Vinal’s book). The Decoy displays average wear with some paint loss, notably on the Tack Eyes and on the Edges of the Body, plus some early filler on one side of the neck from a chip to the wood. The Bill is Lose, but appears to be fully original. Measurements: 9 ½” in length, 2 ¼” in width, 11 ¼” in height, including the stand. Early Golden Plover Shorebird Decoy.

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Very Early Golden Plover Shorebird Decoy from Long Island, New York, circa 1880s. The Long Body Form and the Separate attachment of the Neck and Head are indicative of the Early Long Island Shorebirds and there is a Slight Ridge along the end of the body by the tail, another early LI characteristic. As an interesting addition, the round belly on the bottom of the decoy is an applied piece of wood, dowelled into position. The Bill appears to be Original but may be a later replacement; it’s early, so it’s hard to tell. The Paint is Worn Original and Very Indicative of other Shorebird Decoys that may be from the same rig or maker. The Decoy is in Untouched Original Condition. Measurements: 12” in length, 2 ¾” in width, and 12 ¼” in height, including the metal stand. This Golden Plover displays the Nice Early Form of Long Island Shorebirds.

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Avery Appealing Hudsonian Curlew (Whimbrel) Shorebird Decoy by Marty Collins, Bridgewater, Massachusetts, circa 2019. As Rod Taylor points out in Hunting & Fishing Collectibles Magazine, Sept./Oct. 2010, pg. 35, “Today Collins is regarded by many as one of the preeminent carvers in America.” Having handled many of Marty’s decoys over the years, I know Rod Taylor is clearly correct. This Curlew displays the Classic Down Turned Bill of a Curlew, which Marty has Carefully Dowelled through the Head, Glass Eyes, a Sleek Neck Flowing down to a Full Body with Raised Wing / Split Tail Carving with the Primaries Slightly over riding at the end. The Paint is Highly Detailed and in Mint Condition. Measurements: the Decoy is 13 ½” in length, 3 ¼” in width, and 14” in height, including the stand. (Please note that the decoy is a bit tanner than the photographs suggest.) Beautiful Example of a Curlew Shorebird Decoy.

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Raven’s Way is pleased to offer an Early Joe King Yellowlegs Shorebird Decoy by Joe King (1835 – 1913), Manahawkin, New Jersey, circa 1880s-1890s. Joe King was a major early carver on the New Jersey Coast. This Classic Joe King Yellowlegs displays Strong Original Paint with the incorporation of Scratch Painting for Feather Effects. The decoy displays Average Wear, though its Condition is Excellent for its Age. The Bill is probably a Later Replacement. The Decoy measures 11” in length, 2 ½” in width, and 11 ¾” in height, including the metal stand. Note that the stick hole is slightly offset and that an early collector has written “Joe King” on the Bottom; the other writing isn’t clear. A Classic 19th Century Shorebird by Joe King, New Jersey.

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