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Raven’s Way is pleased to offer a Rare Diorama of a Nicely Carved Miniature Group of Flying and Sitting Canada Geese in its Natural Setting under Glass by Arthur Peltier (1907 – 1982), West Warwick, Rhode Island, circa 1950s. Peltier was well known in the Mid-Third Quarter of the 20th Century of Rhode Island for his Variety of Bird and Animal Carvings, most often presented in a Diorama Format. Most were a Basic Form of individual birds, but periodically he created larger multiple bird presentations such as the Geese offered here in a larger Format. The Canada Geese here provide a view of flying, land and sitting Geese with a well-designed background. This Multidimensional Diorama is 9” in diameter; the total frame is 12 ½” x 12 1/2” (the depth of the diorama is approximately 2 ½”). Each Bird is separately carved and the background appropriately painted. Any shadows and light spots in the class are from the photography and lighting. This is a Wonderful Example of Peltier’s Quality Work.

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Price $225 plus shipping


Extraordinary Miniature Greater Yellowlegs Shorebird Carving by Virginia Folk Artist Frank Finney, circa Early 2000s. This Yellowlegs reflects a Unique Emphasis on Form with the Sleek Turned Head, Bead Eyes, and the Lengthy Bill further drawing the Viewer’s Eye toward the Inquisitive Shorebird. The Bill is Finely Detailed as are the Raised Primaries and Fine Tail Carving Enhancing the Primaries. The Carefully Crafted Paint Pattern also reflects a Realistic Vision of a Yellowlegs and the Hand Made Legs display the Field Marks that give this shorebird its Name. The “Finney” is Signed on the Base and Elaborate Finny “F” and Early “F” Mark is Carved on the Bottom of the Base. Measurements: 6” in length, 1 ½” in width, and 5 ¼” in height. One of the Finest Finney Miniatures we have offered.

(DX1655)   Click on Photo for larger images. Contact us for further information.

Price $1250 plus shipping


Finely Detailed Woodcock Carving by Herman C. Bennett (1915 – 2001), Point Pleasant, New Jersey, circa 1978. Bennett was considered an excellent carpenter, his primary profession, and a fine bird carver, his focus later in life. This Woodcock displays the Quality of his Work, Highly Detailed Carving throughout with an Emphasis on Form, Feathering, and Bill Design. The Original Paint is then an Enhancement of the Detailed Carving. Bennett’s Woodcock represents the Realism of a Woodcock in the Wild while also offering a Work of Art in Wood. His carving remains in Exceptional Original Condition with only Very Minor Shelf Wear. It is Signed: “Herman C. Bennett / Woodcock / 1978”. Measurements: 8” in length, 3” in width (stand 7”), and 8” in height. A Wonderful Representation of the Woodcock.

(DX1686)   Click on Photo for larger images. Contact us for further information.

Price $650 plus shipping


Early Quarter-Size to Half-Size, depending upon species, Swimming Canada Goose Decoy by Hurley Conklin (1913 – 1991), Manahawkin, New Jersey, circa 1960. This Conklin Goose was designed as a Decorative Example of his Hunting Decoys rather than a Working Bird. Conklin spent 77 years as a Traditional Bayman and, among of activities, he guided for the Marshelder Gunning Club. His later decoys are typically signed, but this decoy was left unsigned. This Goose measures 11 ½” in length, 3 ½” in width, and 3 ½” in height. It is in Excellent Original Condition and the Paint is virtually Mint. I purchased this Decoy from Bill Cordrey, a well-known decoy collector and carver from Long Beach Island, New Jersey. See article on the net https://echoesoflbi.com/it-aint-vintage-yet/. No stand included. An Excellent Collectable for the Decoy Hunter.

(DX1672)  Click on Photo for larger images. Contact us for further information.

Price $250 plus shipping


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