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Nicely Carved Black-capped Chickadee by Cape Cod, Massachusetts, carver Stan Sparre (1923 – 2011), circa 1980s – 1990s. Sparre was noted for his miniatures in particular, which have had a large collector following over the years. The quality and diversity of his carvings was examined in an early issue of Hunting and Fishing Collectibles Magazine. Stan had a good eye for wildlife and birds especially. Sparre’s carving is Exceptional for the Degree of Detail Incorporated into his work, and this Chickadee is a Prime Example. Having Carved the Body Form, he then creates a Series of Fine Lines from Top to Bottom for a Textured Surface. Leaving enough wood on the sides, Sparre carves a Tiered Grouping of Flight Feathers offering Further Dimensionality to the Carving. Finally, Sparre presents Extended Tail Feathers. The Work is then Completed with an Original Paint Pattern that Realistically Identifies the Chickadee’s Field Marks. Typical of Sparre’s Carving is the Use of a Piece of Driftwood for the Base or Mount, invariably Signed on the Bottom “Stan Sparre / Cape Cod”.

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Price $350 plus shipping

Impressive Carving of a Mourning Dove by Don Honegger, Gleneagle, Quebec, Canada. Honegger is both a landscape artist and a wildlife carver. His carvings are made with Basswood with the feather detail is burned in, “followed by several washes of acrylic paint, using photos mounted and live birds as models”. A satin acrylic varnish enhances the nature sheen and a protective coating. With a Slightly Turn Head and Glass Eyes, the carving displays Excellent Original Paint and Form. It measures 9 ½” in length, 2” in width (full width is 7”), total height is 8 ½”. The bottom identifies the species, the carver, and the place of origin. An Outstanding Decorative Carving.

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Price $275 plus shipping



Rare Miniature Harlequin Drake Carving by David Ward (1947 – 2020), Essex, Connecticut, circa 1970s. Ward was known for his endeavor to create a wide range of quality decoys, his exceptional furniture making skills, and his work as an Impressionist Painter. Ward was carving decoys in the Late 1960s – Early 1970s and developing a well-deserved reputation. Alas, his interests turned to antique furniture making and restoration work. After a years long hiatus, Ward began carving decoys again in the early 2000s with an exclusive contract with a Long Island Antiques Dealer. The Miniature offered here is from Ward’s early period and became available from the family after Ward died. Two points are worth noting. One, Miniature Harlequin Carvings of Quality are Quite Rare. Second, a Carving that Focuses on Form and Patina is a Classic Endeavor. The Form of this Miniature Harlequin emphasizes a New England Tradition of Split-Tail Cross Wing Carving, Carved Feet, and a Chip Carved Base. The Original Paint Fully Capturing the Field Marks of the Male Harlequin is offered with an “Aged” Patina which reflects an early 1900s carving created in the 1970s. This Miniature is Exceptional. It measures 3 ¾” in length, 1 ½” in width (base 2” in dia.), and 3 ½” in height. It is Branded on the Bottom “DBW” and in Script “DBW”.

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Nicely Carved Turned Head Male Evening Grosbeak by Ernie Muehlmatt (1927 – 2016), Salisbury, Maryland, circa 1972. Muehlmatt won First, Second, and Third Place in various categories at the Ward Championship Wildfowl Carving Competition in 1972 and went on to become a regular winner in competition over the years that followed. In addition, he wrote 4 books on bird carving during that period. This Grosbeak is a Fine Representation of his Carving which provides both Exceptional Form and Color to a Beautiful Bird of the Northern Woodlands. Mounted on a Driftwood Base, the Carving measures 6” in length (a full-sized bird measures approximately 8”), 2” in width, and 7 ¼” in height, including the base. There is a number “3” under the bird, suggesting that it was the third Grosbeak he made. The Base is Signed “Carved by / E. F. Muehlmatt / Evening Grosbeak / 6/72”. A Fine Example of a Male Evening Grosbeak.

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Price $395 plus shipping


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