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Absolutely Outstanding Northern Hawk Owl by Jay Miles, a Well-Known Folk Artist from Maine, circa 2015. We commissioned Jay to make this Owl for Raven’s Way after seeing a similar creation by him. Over the years we have purchased a number his works which sit around our home or have been sold to the public. This particular Turned Head Presentation of a Hawk Owl is Deeply Carved with the Glass Eyes set well into the Head which allows for a Strong Facial Look and a Pronounced Beak. The Detailed Feather Carving provides even Greater Dimensionality to the Bird. The Excellent Paint Pattern is Totally Original with a Slightly Aged Finish to add a Mottled Look to the Owl’s Presence. Mounted on a Perch this Hawk Owl displays a Perfect Presentation. Measurements: 10” in width, 5 ½” in depth, and 17” in height, including the Stand. Simply Wonderful.

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Price $575 plus shipping


Wonderful Miniature Northern Bobwhite Quail by Alex & Lucy Rubolino (both deceased), Brockton, Massachusetts, circa 1980. Married just prior to WWII, the Rubolios spent a good deal of their post-war years creating some fabulous carvings. Their passion was their hand-carved and finely painted birds. Alex carved the birds in basswood, and Lucy painted the birds in oils. This Bobwhite displays the fine quality of their work and the degree of attention to the intricate detail, such as the carved feet on the bird). Measurements: The Bobwhite is 4 ½” in length, 1 ¾” in width, and 3 ¾” in height (5” including the base). The Bobwhite is identified, dated, and signed on the bottom. An Extraordinary Representation of the Northern Bobwhite by The Rubolinios.

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Neat Little Maine Style Miniature Eider Drake with an Inletted Head by Marty Collins, Bridgewater, Massachusetts, circa 2002. This Miniature Eider has an Inletted Head in the style of Maine Eiders; it has a Carved Bill, Little Bead Eyes, a Full-Rounded Body, a Little Lead Weight and Line Ring. It displays an “Aged” Original Paint to create a “Working” Patina. It measures 5 ½” in length, 2 ¾” in width, and 2 ½” in height. While it is not marked, I bought this Miniature directly from Marty, so I can guarantee it authenticity. No stand included. A Neat Little Collectible.

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Price $225 plus shipping 


Rare Pair of Miniature Canvasbacks – 1950s Models – by Capt. Harry Jobes ( 1937 – 2019), Aberdeen, Maryland, circa ? I bought these Miniatures from Capt. Harry at the East Coast Decoy Collectors Meet a number of years ago. At the time, I was buying large quantities of Harry’s decoys for resale at New England Antique Shows. Harry said, “Do you want to see something special”? and he pulled these miniatures out. I don’t know when they were made, but my sense was he had made them some time ago and was reselling them for an early buyer. This Miniature Pair of Canvasbacks display fully Original Paint, are Fully Rigged, and Signed and Identified as 1950 Models. Measurements: 5 ½” in length, 2 ¼” in width, and 3 ½” in height. Stand are not included. This is a Very Rare Pair of Miniatures by Capt. Harry Jobes.

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Price $175 plus shipping




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