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Rare Full-Sized Brown Thrasher Carved by William “Bill” Zack Ward (1946 -2013) Crisfield, Maryland, circa 1980s – 1990s. Zack was both a Waterman and a Decoy Craver, and for many is probably most well-know for his Northern Flicker Carvings. This Thrasher is a rarity; yet, it gives emphasis to the quality of his work. The Sleek Stretched-out Body with its Partially Raised Wings and Wide Tail enhances the Character of a Thrasher as seen in the Wild. Enhancing the Body Form is Excellent Original Paint with Only Very Minor Wear from Age. The Deep Brown Back, the Bold Yellow Eyes and the Pale Buff Heavily Streaked Under Parts are Classic Field Marks of the Brown Thrasher. As Collectors of Zack Ward’s carving readily realize, his work is rarely signed. The Dealer/Collector must know the character of his work to known its origin. Measurements: 11” in length, 4 ½” in width, and 5 ½” in height. A Wonderful Zack Ward Carving of a Brown Thrasher.

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Price $225 plus shipping


Beautiful Miniature Raised-Wing Willet Shorebird Carving by Cape Cod, Massachusetts, carver Stan Sparre (1923 – 2011), circa 1980s – 1990s. Sparre was noted for his miniatures in particular, which have had a large collector following over the years. The quality and diversity of his carvings was examined in an early issue of Hunting and Fishing Collectibles Magazine. Stan had a good eye for wildlife and birds especially. For bird watchers, a Willet wading along a beach may seem a bit bland, but once the bird takes flight, it has a brilliant wing pattern. That beauty is capture by Sparre in this Miniature Turned Head, Raised-Wing Willet carving. The Detail on Sparre’s Carving is indicative of a Truly Creative Master, the Wings Fully Open, the Bill Carefully Sculptured, the Bead Eyes Precisely Placed, the Bird Standing on a Driftwood Style Base. All is Fully Enhanced by Expert Painting. The Carving is approximately 5” in width, 4 ½” in depth, and 6” in height. It is Signed on one end: “Stan Sparre”.

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Miniature White Ibis in a Realistic Form by Frank Finney, a Well-Known Virginia Carver, circa 1990s.  Considered among the Best for Quality of Design and Presentation in regard to Realism or Abstraction, his work is well-known to both the Decoy Community and especially the Folk Art market. Finney’s Carvings continue to be in high demand. This Miniature truly reflects the Distinct Form of an Ibis in the Southern Wetlands, identified with the Reddish Decurved Bill, Glass Eyes, and All-White Plumage. Moreover, Finney has laid on a heavy coat of white paint to create texture for a feathered look and placed the carving on a light-to-dark greenish base to create atmosphere. The miniature measures slightly under 5” in length, 1 1/8” in width, and 3 ½” in height. Finney’s Scripted “F” is on the bottom of the base and the species is identified. Special Item for Bird Craving Collectors.

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Price $625 plus shipping

Miniature Red-Winged Blackbird Male in Breeding Plumage by George Strunk, Glendora, New Jersey, circa Early 2000s. Strunk is recognized as one of the Finer Decoy Carvers from New Jersey. While he creates some exceptional Full-sized Decoys, we are especially attracted to his Miniatures. This Red-Wing Carving is Somewhat Unique in that it is a Bird of the Wetlands, though not Waterfowl. Strunk has taken a rather simple “Blackbird with Red Shoulder Patch” and created a Wonderful Miniature Image of the Bird. It displays a Nicely Proportioned Body with Mandible Carving, Incised Eyes with a Crowell-style Paint Pattern, a Bold Red Shoulder bordered in Yellow (a Classic Field Mark), Raised Wing Primaries delicately painted, Carved Tail Feathers extending out from the Body, and Standing on a Crowell-style base. The Strunk Stamp and Ink Signature is on the Bottom of the Base. Measurements: 4 ½” in length, 1 ½” in width (bird), and 3 ½” in height; Base is 2 ½”. Excellent Original Condition.

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