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Miniature Adult Male Northern Goshawk by Anthony Hillman, Cape May, New Jersey, circa 2009. This Beautifully-Designed Goshawk represents the Largest Accipiter in Miniature Form. The Presentation with its Realistic Beak, Full-bodied Stature, and Raised Wing – Split Tail Carving mounted on the Perfect Piece of Driftwood is Simply Excellent. Only to be Further Enhanced by a Carefully Applied Paint Pattern Clearly Identifying the Adult Male with its Red Eyes, the Dominant White Supercilium above the Eyes, and the Fine Gray Barring on the Breast. The Miniature is Signed under the tail: “Anthony Hillman 09” and the Base indicates that it was originally sold by Lytle’s of Shreveport, Louisiana. The Hawk measures 4” in length and 1 ¼” in width. Placed on a Desirable Piece of Driftwood and Laid on a Formal Base, the Total Composition is 6 ¼” wide and 5” in height. An Outstanding Miniature Northern Goshawk.

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Price $495 plus shipping


Miniature Sleeping Sanderling Shorebird Carving by Award Winning Artist Manfred K. Scheel, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, circa 1990. Scheel who carved for over 50 years frequently won awards at The Ward Foundation Championship based on the Quality of his work. This miniature is without question one of the best we have offered. Measuring a Mere 2 ½” in length, the Intricacy of Scheel’s Detailed Feather Carving is Incredible. Moreover, the Form of the Sleeping Bird with its Head buried in Its Back Feathers, standing on One Leg with the Other Tucked as a Resting Shorebird is Exceptional. The Paint is in Untouched Original Condition and Truly reflects the Field Marks of the Sanderling. The Total Presentation, approximately 4” in height, of the Shorebird Standing on a Rock and Surrounded by Sand and Pebbles creates the Perfect Scene. Signed and Dated on the Bottom.

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Price $565 plus shipping


Folk Art Owl Decoy by M. E. (Mike) Yannelli, Blue Point, New York. Yannelli has been carving Decoys, Shorebirds, & Folk Art for many years on Long Island, and often of his work is especially appealing. This 12” Owl is a Fine Example of Yannelli’s Folk Art. The Owl has a Classic Owl-type Form, boldly enhanced by the Use of Large Glass Eyes, Detailed Head Carving, and the Well-Textured Paint Pattern. Additionally, Yannelli’s Use of Line and Color creates a Feather-like Image presented in Strong Original Paint. Measurements: 12” in height (including the stand a total of 14 ½”), 5 ½” in width (stand 6 ¼”), and 3 ½” in depth. The Owl has a Carved Brand on the back: “M. E. Yannelli / Blue Point, NY”. It is on the original stand but can also be hung on a wall with the chain on the back. A Very Appealing Folk Art Owl.

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Price $365 plus shipping


Miniature Peep by Ralph Laurie (1883 – 1964), Hingham, Massachusetts, circa 1930s -1940s. Laurie was a fireman in Hingham assigned to Engine Co, No. 2 from 1913 to 1946, and he retired as the Superintendent of the Fire Alarm System. During this time, Laurie apparently became interested in carving miniature waterfowl, becoming a part of the well-known group of Hingham Carvers, including Russ Burr (1887 – 1955).  This Peep is rather interesting for a couple of reasons. One, it appears an early piece Signed and Identified by Laurie but without his later Ink Stamp. Second, while the Peep itself is in Strong Original Paint, the Wooden Base, which he covered with a Sand Finish, shows considerable Wear. The Paint also suggests it is a very early piece. The Snuggle Head Look and the Well-Blended Paint Pattern recreates the Peep Look quite effectively.  Measurements: 4” in length, 1 ½” in width (Base 2 ½” diameter), 3” in height. This Delicate Little Peep by Laurie is Quite an Appealing Miniature.

(DX1742)  Click on Photo for larger images. Contact us for additional information.

Price $350 plus shipping

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