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Extra Fine Northern Mockingbird Carving by Peter Peltz (d. 2001), Sandwich, Massachusetts, circa Late 20th Century. Peltz was a well known bird carver from Cape Cod who sold many of his carvings from “The Bird Barn”, a small shack on Rt. 6A in Sandwich with a Salt Marsh behind it. The Peltz carving displays Strong Original Paint with Excellent Form and Very Minor Shelf Wear. It is mounted on a Piece of Drift Wood with the Head Turned, Painted Eyes, Crossed Wing Tips, and a Nice Long Tail. It is Signed on the Base: “Peter Peltz / Mockingbird.” Measurements: the Mockingbird is 8” in length, 1 ¾” (base 3”) in width, and 6” in height. An Extra Fine Example of Peltz Bird Carvings.

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Price $350 plus shipping



Miniature Surf Scoter Carving by James Lapham (1909 – 1987), Dennisport, Massachusetts, circa 1960s. Lapham produced a large number of waterfowl and other carvings from the 1940s through the 1980s, influenced by Elmer and Cleon Crowell. Yet, Lapham’s work tends to vary in quality with his Earliest work deemed to be his best, his Middle period with a classic Crowell style, and his Later work losing quality in Form and Paint. This Scoter represents Lapham’s Middle Period with the Strong Crowell Influence and Round Base. During this period, Lapham experimented with different stamps on the Base, but his friends suggested it made them look less personalized from his early signature pieces and he stopped using the stamp. See especially, Joseph Ellis’ Birds in Wood and Paint. The addition of a zip code indicates the Scoter was made in the 1960s. The Miniature is in Excellent Original Condition, and of Particular Interest is Lapham’s Use of a Burnt Siena Paint to Create Feathering on the Body of the essentially Black Bird. Measurements: 51 /2” in length, 2” in width (base 2 ¾” in diameter), and 4 ¾” in height, including the base. An Excellent Example of Lapham’s Middle Period Miniatures.

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Price $475 plus shipping

Finely Painted Miniature Cerulean Warbler (Adult Male) by Del (Delphis) Higgins (1894 – 1970), Dexter, Maine, circa 1940s. Del Higgins was a long time carver of Miniature Song Birds and lived his life in Dexter, Maine. From time-to-time, his carvings come to market and this Miniature Warbler is a Fine Example of how he attempted to present his miniatures in a “lifelike” manner. While his carvings are a relatively accurate reflection of the actual bird, he takes a bit of liberty to enhance the “field marks” that identify the birds. It also has Little Bead Eyes and Twisted Wire Legs. This Song Bird represents Higgins’ Classic Carving and the Strong Original Paint and Detail that his birds display. Almost always his birds are displayed on a piece of drift wood and his carvings represent an Important Part of Maine Decoy and Bird Carving History, much of which we now consider Folk Art. The Bird measures almost 3 ¼” in length and 1” in width; the total presentation is 7” in height and 3 ½” in width. The Original Collector’s Tag is taped to the Bottom. A Fine Example of Del Higgins Carving Style.

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Rare Carved Miniature Presentation of the Extinct Ivory-Billed Woodpecker by Henry E. Menard, Cabot, Vermont, circa 1983. While this Woodpecker is in Very Nice Original Condition (Very Minor Shelf Wear), carvings by Menard are usually covered in a square class case. Because those cases are glued down, moisture collects on the inside of the glass and can’t be cleaned. When I find a presentation like this, I remove the glass cover (not an easy task) for a clean look at the carving. Mounted on a piece of drift wood, this Ivory-billed Woodpecker is designed to be presented in a habitat-like setting. The bird measures 6” in length, 5” in width with the full wing spread, 9” in height for the full presentation; The Base is slightly less than 7” square. The Bottom identifies the species, the carver, and the date. A Unique Piece for the Collector of Bird Carvings.

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Price  $195  plus shipping


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